Compfitt takes responsibility for the procurement of customized components, fittings and finished products in metal, glass, plastic and wood and in combination herefrom.

Our customers are leaders in various manufacturer and retail sectors like metal-, glass-, kitchen-, furniture-, inventory-, building material- and machinery equipment industries.

We work closely with industrial designers, architects and trading companies.

We take responsibility for handling, manufacturing, transporting materials,  on time delivery in the agreed quality – so our customers can focus on their core business instead of what, for them, are peripheral products.


Global networking. Local solutions

The vision is to be our customers’ partner for outsourcing in China.

We operate in selected markets where there is business.

The product portfolio is within metal, glass, plastic, wood processings and when required also in combination.

We develop sustainable and productivity-enhancing businesses, thereby creating added value for our customers.

Value Chain

Compfitt Group A/S is available as your local partner.

Our value chain include sales and customer service – sourcing customized components, glass and fittings – qualifying and auditing suppliers technical and Commercial – logistics and distribution.

The synergy is considerable when complex tasks are to be carried out or new products to be developed – however, production is carried out at our local partners mainly in Asia and Europe.

Compfitt Group offer our customers complete solutions like GPM (general project manangement), OBPM (open book project management) and TPI (third party inspection).