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Compfitt Group

Compfitt – a data-driven sub-contractor

We help manufacturers and industrial enterprises stay competitive by having components for their production process manufactured with sub-contractors in China.

Enhance your competitiveness

We enhance your competitiveness because we make it for less overall than you can procure it for yourself. Plus, we have an unusually low complaints rate of less than 0.1%.

When the workload is high every day, you need an uncomplicated collaboration with experts who have hands-on experience in China and who will deliver when you need it – on time and fully compliant – and based on European agreements.

When you work with a European partner, you get transparency and security.

Get access to our network of production partners in China

We’ve been in China since before it was a thing, and we have 30 razor-sharp colleagues in China and Europe who will take care of the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on other things.

With Compfitt, you get access to our experience and our carefully selected network of production partners in China who we have spent more than 20 years refining and cooperating with. You also get overall savings and opportunities to streamline your entire supply chain.

We can help

If you’re head of procurement for a mass-production industrial enterprise, you’re always under pressure to optimise your supply chain. We can help you in these 5 situations:

Do you need to:


Reduce procurement costs?


Optimise your products?


Improve cash flow?


Find suppliers for a new development?


Change suppliers?


What types of components/materials can Compfitt help with?

We can produce most items in most raw materials but our core competence lies in moulding and extrusion. We are experts in aluminium, zinc, steel, stainless steel and more, and since 2005 we have also been offering high-quality glass and mirror production at competitive prices.

We always deliver according to your drawing and specifications. We take pride in understanding your day-to-day, and you can expect us to take the big-picture approach every single time. We give you a competitive edge because we are always improving our collaboration and advising you of new opportunities.

Why should we choose to work with you?

Because we can give you a competitive edge.

With us, you get financial savings and opportunities to streamline your entire value chain. When we produce, deliver and store components for you, we do so based on a European agreement, to the agreed level of quality and always according to your drawings and specifications.

Does delivery from China take a long time?

You should expect a delivery time of approx. 14-16 weeks for your first batch delivery.

After that, we will happily draw up an agreement for just-in-time deliveries from our warehouse in Randers, Denmark.

We are more than happy to take care of inventory management for you to make sure there are always stocks on the shelves.

How can you guarantee sufficient quality on deliveries from China?

Our 30 colleagues across Europe and China come to work every day with one goal: to give you the best possible service and quality – no exceptions. We do this by reducing risk for our customers. And by achieving an average complaints rate of less than 0.1% over the last three years. But if we ever do experience a bump in the road, our customers are always the first to know.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and comply with this standard, and maintain statistics on all aspects of quality.
Our colleagues in China are tasked primarily with quality assurance. And the most resources are used at the start of a project where we ensure that the people in charge of production understand your expectations.

We also conduct our own quality controls on all deliveries. Quality control and documentation that is agreed with and signed off by you, the customer.

Aren't there minimum volumes for China?

Large volumes are of course of benefit and the motivation of everyone involved increases with the size of an order. But we always assess materials and production processes on a case-by-case basis. We have no fixed volumes and most projects we successfully carry out only when we can be relatively certain that the same part will be ordered again and again.

We want you to start supplying my production. What are the next steps?

You need to give us a commitment, stating that we have an agreement in place. Then we begin a process that typically looks like this:

  1. Preparing QA materials (documentation and traceability)
  2. Delivering samples for approval and testing – including recalibration of tools where necessary – and new samples for approval and testing.
  3. Approval of samples and approval for series production
  4. Delivery of first full production – 0 series (First batch order (FBO)).
  5. Delivery of running orders (RO)

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