Accessories for office furniture – pedestals

Our customer asked us to develop a complete set of accessories for office pedestals.

The project included developing integrated drawer, drawer slide, lock and locking bar.

Several production processes must be mastered and taken into consideration such as plastic injection molding, roll forming, stamping, welding, turning, milling, riveting and various surface treatment such as electro plating.

We confirm environmental aspects such as declaration of raw materials.

After design sketches was approved – we made 3D print rapid prototyping for evaluation.

  • Step 3: Full set of tools was opened – samples was made for testing and approval and the Engineering process was completed.
  • Step 4: Full documentation hereunder full implementation of PSQC, QCMR, QA plan was agreed with manufacturing units.
  • Step 5: Full production – first batch order FBO was issued.
  • Step 6: Running order – the project goes into RO stage – including continuously tests, improvements and optimizing of all processes.