Compfitt’s quality management system is certified ISO9001 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance and it is continuously being audited

We do B2B sales and consulting in manufacturing of industrial custom components. Our quality management system includes sourcing, supplier qualification, auditing and follow up.

Our products – components and fittings – is elements contained in customers larger systems – we are daily challenged by high quality specifications and demands.

We continuously take care of our corporation and add value for our customers.

We monitor and check all processes in the value chain, from initial production run to final delivery and service. This way we ensure and maintain a high level of quality, so that our solutions meet the demands, specifications and standards of our customers.

We have always worked hard to improve our quality management, and in March 2013 we achieved the highest international recognized certification – ISO9001.

The certification was achieved through years of hard work improving our process and documentation.

The ISO9001 certification means to us that we:

We have well defined processes.
We do continuous improvements in quality and focus on waste.
We create added value for our customers and suppliers.
We meet international standards.
We are audited every 6 months by Lloyd Register independent auditors.
We are proud of our certification, but at the root of it, is always our customers satisfaction.

With us as your sourcing partner, our ISO9001 certification is evidence that we ensure our cooperation – will be done by qualified personnel – always according to defined procedures – this way we ensure continuous improvements of quality and service.


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