How we work

We were in China long before it was popular, meaning you benefit from our many years of experience in sourcing and outsourcing.

Below, you can read about how we go about manufacturing components and delivering systems – from the very first consultation to just-in-time delivery.


Many companies who take responsibility for outsourcing to China themselves are unaware of the pitfalls. We’ve pretty much seen it all of it so we can advise you on how to avoid these traps.

Being based in both Europe and China gives us the best possible foundation for ensuring we meet your expectations as far as possible.

If there’s a specific component or full service delivery you want, we can give you the best possible help and advice from here in Germany because we know what our Chinese colleagues and partners are capable of delivering.

We will be your sparring partner to establish how to develop your product in a way that makes the most sense for your business – based on quality, delivery reliability and price. We know the rules of the game in China and thanks to our large network of partners we have excellent insight into which Chinese suppliers will be the ideal partners for manufacturing your components.

Quality assurance

All companies improve on their quality, but few do anything serious about it. As well as our basic ISO 9001 certification, we are focused on all our suppliers and sub-contractors complying with strict product requirements, and strict production requirements. We monitor our partners regularly against a long list of parameters.

We also employ our own QA system to ensure the highest, uniform quality for your product.
We start by preparing a preliminary analysis where we identify how your needs relate to our skills. We don’t want to turn our customers into guinea pigs for our business by diving head-first into areas we don’t have experience in or which we don’t have the ability to deliver on. Which is why we will sometimes drop potential orders as early as during the preliminary stage.

For your sake, it is vital that we consider not just the quality of the product, but of the project as well since these two things often go hand in hand. If we both decide that we are perfect for the job, we will then get binding prices from China. Meaning that as a customer, you avoid the risk of prices increasing if anything is calculated wrong.

It goes without saying that once we have a price and an agreement in place, we monitor compliance with these agreements continuously – with a focus on quality here as well. We produce a detailed quality log that accompanies the product throughout its entire life. All quality information is carefully noted down in this log which acts as your assurance that your product has been fully tested and quality assured.

The quality log also ensures that we can remedy errors or defects as quickly as possible if there are ever any problems with the product.

Component and system deliveries

The specifications for deliveries and products obviously vary from one project to the next. Whether you need a small component or a full service delivery, we will take care of everything for you.

System deliveries give you, the customer, full flexibility. We take full responsibility for the product until it’s in your hands – delivered in packaging that suits you or your customers, of course. This means you don’t have to worry about gathering and managing lots of small partial deliveries, a job that can be quite daunting if you don’t have much experience with it.

We work with a number of different manufacturers who can supply most materials. In other words, with us you can order system deliveries that contain plastic components, for example. This also means that over time we can handle a long list of different production types for you.

Inventory management

You are probably well aware of how much your warehouse is costing your company, and what risk you are exposed to in terms of the value of your inventory. We want to help take this risk off your shoulders as far as possible. That’s why we offer an extensive distribution network, giving you a right to claim products from a large stock of goods from Compfitt Guss- & Profiltechnik GmbH.

Your products stay on our shelves until you need them. Forget the hassle and the risk of incorrect and unstable supplies with just-in-time delivery.

We will provide the best overall solution for your business. When it come to your business, we are flexible in every way imaginable.


We understand that a competitive credit facility is important if your company is going to function properly year round. That’s why we offer our customers attractive credit agreements so that you can keep an eye on your bottom line and combat any fluctuations in finance that occur during the year.

This is the best way to help you ensure your liquidity, while also giving your company a huge amount of flexibility any time you need liquidity to finance other growth initiatives here and now.

Together with our flexible inventory management service, our credit agreements help give your company better conditions for supporting the growth of the rest of your business.

European contractual basis

We understand it might be hard managing sourcing and outsourcing in China – that’s where we come in. It’s also why it’s only natural for us that our collaboration rests on a German contractual basis, meaning you won’t have to deal with different jurisdictions. For us, it goes without saying that when you reach an agreement with us, you do so because you want the transparency and security of working with a German partner.

When you make an agreement with Compfitt, we follow EU law, meaning it’s us, as the contractor, who assumes the entire risk
both when it comes to maintaining our collaboration, where we undertake to comply with the agreements on delivery and prices, and also when it comes to collaborating with our Chinese partners – including our partners complying with the agreements we have concluded.

Drawings and specifications

Your company probably already has a good idea of what requirements your component or product needs to fulfil, you might even have a drawing already.

In other words, you are well on your way with product development. But if you’re still lacking that last bit of input you need to finish off the process, we are here to help.

If you’ve already got a handle on drawings and specifications, we can of course also hold a consultation with you so that you can get any input you might need to give your product the finishing touch that ultimately improves the overall quality experience – for you and your customers.


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